Birds and Branches

I was doing my Saturday morning walk (more like yard sale hunting day ;P) along Magnolia street when I spotted this charming stationary shop called The Attic Door. They were selling custom and pre-made invitations, packaging, post cards, notebooks and specialty papers in all the pretty styles you can think of! Upon entering I noticed this wrapping paper with cute little tree and bird patterns made by SNOW & GRAHAM. I was even shaking with excitement while trying to extract it from its roll holder. lol. They're a little pricey but it's really rare for me to find paper that catches my eye and with smaller patterns to go along with my 1:6 scale creations. ^_^

Here are pictures of the wrapping paper used as a wall decor for another living room set I made...


Modern Country Charm

I wanted to show a different setting for my couch creation and lately I have been having this fascination with modern country charm (that I have been seeing in some Korean movies). I tried to think what gives that country appeal and concluded that hardwood floors, natural materials/colors, bright lighting and comfy couches with colorful throw pillows are some of its major factors. Although I didn't have much time and space to do my set up, I still like how my shots turned out. Here is my interpretation of this style. ^_^

Elizabeth, originally uploaded by leneUx8.



Pantone Chair

kim, originally uploaded by leneUx8.

I got one of those plastic Pantone chairs made in china and upholstered it with red fabric. I think it gives it more value don't you think? :)