Pantone Chair

kim, originally uploaded by leneUx8.

I got one of those plastic Pantone chairs made in china and upholstered it with red fabric. I think it gives it more value don't you think? :)


  1. The chair does look a lot more refined
    upholstered! I bought 2 of these chairs and
    will have to try to do it too. Hopefully it's not too hard! I have a feeling it was simple for you.

  2. It actually took me awhile to finish my first attempt. I wish I could do a how to guide but I have yet to perfect the technique in upholstering it. :/ The back part is still messy and lumpy from the folds of the front. I think it helps though if the fabric is slightly fluffy and stretchable.I just applied glue to the whole chair first. ^_^ Goodluck upholstering! Wish there was a way to see your finished product! ^^

    Btw, I also did it with the other chair designs that you can see here. ^_^

  3. Hi. Is it 1:12 scale or bigger? Thanks love your blog CM

  4. Hi My Realitty! Thank you for dropping by. ^_^ It's 1:6 scale. I saw some of those pantone chairs in ebay. I think they're originally cellphone stands. ^^

  5. Where have found this doll?


    e-mail: britt@fingerborgen.se