Desk Set Completed!

I listed the Desk Set last night before going to bed and Chris a Flickr friend purchased it this morning! Lol. I will make another set for those who also wants a desk for their dolls. So please keep checking my My Etsy Shop! Chances are if I post a Set in Flickr I'd be listing it in Etsy soon. ;)

Here are some pics of the desk set.

The computer monitor is patterned from the Apple Cinema Display Monitor and is my first prototype. I didn't make a keyboard but I did include some cube speakers that is now one of my fav pieces. :)

I also made another set of Reading Area with cube shelves. But it also has been sold just a few mins ago. The first Reading Area set from my other post is still available in the shop. ^_^ Get it now while you can! I don't really have anymore plastic chairs to upholster, so I dunno if I can make more of those.

Here are some pics of the 2nd Set...

I think I'm getting obsessed with Murakami Art! :D