The Bachelor's Pad!

Ok ok, so this isn't totally a living space for a guy. :P I created the black modern couch in hopes that I can make a masculine living room, but my feminine touch just keeps coming out. Lol. Doing this set also confirmed that my personal style tends to integrate modern furniture with organic furnishings. I just love that homey-earthy-feel incorporated with modern styles as opposed to minimalist modern. :)


  1. Hello from France
    I'm a newbie in modern dollhouse and very impressed by your work (nearly falled from my chair when I saw your kitchen...)
    Really great work!(not sure I'll be able to make something like that one day)

    anne, your new follower

  2. Thank you so much Anne! It takes some practice but it's really a fun hobby or small business in my case. :D If you have a flickr account please add me! would love to see what you make! ^^

  3. Wow! I love this room. That's one lucky bachelor with very good taste.

  4. I love these white chairs. Do you have any to sell or do you do custom work?