The Kitchen Prototype

To complete my so-called "Bachelor's Pad" creation in my previous post, I made a new modern kitchen unit! Yey! :) Well, actually, I made the kitchen first. hehehe. It took about 3 weeks to complete which includes a few days of going around and hunting for materials to use. I'm keeping this kitchen for myself as a prototype though. I still need to figure out how to make it cost effective for my buyers. The labor and material costs would just be way too high to put out in the market.


  1. Your kitchen looks fabulous.

  2. Wow, that is GORGEOUS kitchen! I'm so happy to find someone creating 1:6 scale dioramas/furniture! On top of that, a fellow pinay too!

  3. OMG! Looks fantastic, great job. Your attention to detail is incredible. Great job!!

  4. I have been enjoying checking out your previous blogs and furniture. Love it all and want one of those kitchens for my modern minihouse!

  5. Hi Lene,
    I posted about your inspiring work on my blog (modernminihouses.blogspot.com/2010/08/modern-kitchen-by-dragondee.html), and many of my readers are curious if you ever do work in 1:12 or any other scales? Thanks
    modernminifan (at) gmail.com

  6. Hey Nikita! Thank you so much! I get excited too when I meet fellow pinays having the same interest! Nice to meet you! ^_^

    Hi Miss Ruby! I am glad you are enjoying my blog! I didn't really think anyone is actually read it, lol. Thank thank you so much! ^_^

    Heya Mini Dork! I like your name. ^_^ Totally suits me too. heehee. Thank you for posting my minis on your blog! It's always a nice feeling when your works are appreciated. Regarding the 1:12 scale, I haven't tried making modern minis in 1:12 scale but I've been wanting to try so I can use my reac chair collections too. :D I just haven't had time lately. But when I do, I will let you know. Thanks again!

  7. Dios mio! esta perfecta creia que era de verdad.
    Fantastica cocina.

  8. This kitchen is fantastic, it looks so very real!

  9. Hello!
    I love your kitchen, like all your work it is beautiful perfection :) I have been collecting items to make a kitchen since 2009, the one thing I can't seem to find is the white farmer's sink like you have...may I ask what you used?