Momoko Beauty Stop Motion Animation

I made this stop motion animation video last year and uploaded it in my Flickr and Facebook Page but forgot to make a post about it here in the blog.

I was so fascinated with the wardrobe chest I got from the 2012 Barbie Convention that I thought it would be perfect to use in a wedding-like video for Momoko. 

You can also view the video here.

I'm no professional in making videos, nor do I have any background in making stop motion animation. So please excuse my not so smooth camera movements and focusing. I did this basically for fun inspired by my friend Tada's Revolution. Check out her site later, she makes way better ones than what I made I promise. ;)

Here are some pictures of the set for you to enjoy too. :)


  1. She looks concerned. Clever doll. Love those chiavari chairs!!!! C

  2. Precioso tu blog con cosas maravillosas. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Un abrazo, Arantza

  3. I just love your setups so much... such detail. It's all so beautiful, and your stop action film was really cute! Where in the world is that tiny watch from???

  4. Your video is great! Makes me want to try.
    Wondering where she is getting made up to go! :-)

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