My First Re-rooted Momokos!

I've always wanted a pink haired and a teal haired doll, but one thing I don't really have the patience to do is to learn how to customize them. Fortunately for me, my dear friend Bobby Taylor recently opened his Pink Bubbles Doll Spa! I was so happy when I found out that he offers re-rooting. So off to the spa my girls went!

They recently just came back home and I was astonished with how pretty they came out. Check out their pics.

Don't they just look so delish? I always crave for cotton candy whenever I look at them. :)

Other than re-roots, Bobby Taylor is a miracle worker too. He has brought back the beauty on many vintage dolls. See more of his amazing dolly makeovers on his blog and check out his other services. :) 


  1. They are beautiful! Taylor make a great job!

  2. They both look really lovely! I'm a fan of these hair colors myself... I want to make my own Toki Doki Barbie since I missed out on the official girl ;_;