IKEA Huset Living Room Set

I was so glad when I checked Facebook yesterday and saw a friend make a post of her doll pictured with the IKEA Huset. Everyone thought the Huset won't be out until Aug so I was really shocked when I saw my friend's post. Luckily, I live close to an IKEA. I called them to confirm if they had it in stock. Then I went there that afternoon to get a couple of sets.

I've only really read one article about the IKEA Huset before and for some reason I assumed they were going to be 1:12 scale. It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that they were around the 1:8 scale. Perfect size for my Pure Neemo Dolls, which I'm being obsessed with these days. The quality of the plastic used was pretty impressive. I'm not crazy about the colors, specially with the pink couch, but I do have to remember that these were created for kids and not for adult collectors. ;P With all things considered, for $13, it's a really nice set to add to your collection. I would recommend buying 2 sets though instead of just one.


When I got home from IKEA I called my doll photographer friend Sharon Wright to come over and play.

...and play we did.

The Huset comes with one Expedit shelf, one Vago chair, one Lack table, one Klippan sofa, a Stockholm rug and a Famnig Hjarta pillow. I combined two sets for this set up (one pink couch and heart pillows not in the pictures).

*All the accessories you see in my pics are from my collection and are not included in the Huset set. 


  1. Great! I want that expedit!Thank's for the info :)

  2. Oh wow, what a great friend to have 0_0

    And I have GOT to get one of these sets... seeing them with a Neemo... yes... it must be done!

    Thanks for sharing these!
    I know what I'm doing this weekend!!!

  3. You made such a pretty scene =) I love all the accessories also =) take care!
    Hugs /Anna

  4. I'm so jealous. I thought the scale was going to be 1:15 so I was planning to make it work in my 1:12 world. Darn it. Too big for me, but fabulous for you. The colors are less than desirable, but a can of spray paint can fix that. Congrats, I hope you enjoy them; the 1:12 scale world is crying.

    1. Thanks Mini Dork! You should still try and see it in person, it might convert you to do a bigger scale dollhouse. Teehee. ;D

  5. Amazing .. not sure if IKEA in Malaysia has thi set. Love your display

  6. oh these are all so awesome! I love the sweet details! the little totoro and boxes and cases, oh so sweet!
    I have a 1:12 dollshouse, like MiniDork, and I will have a look at Ikea on that furnitue, maybe it fits. Yes, its a little bit to big, but the shelf will fit, maybe the table, too.