My New Product Line. Lol!

Presenting my new product line....*drum roll*........Dragondee throw pillows!! Yey! They are not just ordinary throw pillows mind you! They have a special filling that lets you shape the pillows a little and make those designer's crimp or karate chops on top. But wait there's more! They now have miniature tags too!! :) Wooooooooooooooooooooooo~

Ok, enough of my effort in trying to make my pillows sound fantabulous. I apologize for being such a dork. ;P But yes, I did put a different filling in the pillows just to make them a little more pliable compared to my fiber filled stiff pillows before. I also added the small tags to make them look more realistic. I love small details and was just so proud of myself when I thought of making those tags. Lol.

Here's a picture of my first prototypes.

And a picture of the tiny tag I made. You can't barely see the Dragondee written on it, but I think it makes the pillow cute nonetheless. Don't you think? :)

And here's a picture showing how OCD I could get during production.^^

 I love Murakami, Miyazaki and Nara artworks, so I tried making these for my personal collection too.

This is the full product line I have decided on. I will be selling them in sets of 3.

So far my (one man) production has been put on hold, but I do have 5 of these sets made at the moment. I'm gonna try to release the other designs soon. If you want to order you can reach me at lene.dragon@gmail.com or message me through My Facebook Like Page
or check My Etsy Store

Chair and bucket are not included in the set. The set includes just the 3 pillows you see in the picture above.


  1. beautiful pillows...great tags!

  2. Oh! You always make cool stuff. I want you to make some 1:12 goodies so daggone bad!

    1. Thanks!! Heehee. I tried making 1:12 scale for the I'M A GIANT dollhouse challenge before and I must say, I learned it is harder for me to work on a smaller scale now that I'm so used to a bigger scale. I envy the 1:12 scale miniaturist coz I bet they won't have the same problem as me if they work on a bigger scale!

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    1. Thank you Mad For Mod!! I replied to Modern MC up top. ^_^

  4. Don't forget to list the price here on your blog, for folks without facebook! :)
    I think these pillows are beautiful! Although I have to admit, I'm itching for the Miyazaki one, LOL... but those yellow and grey patterns are just lovely!

    Also, where do you get tiny tags printed?! I make tiny bears and I'd love to have some tags made for them!!


    1. ps, I really love that you make 1/6 scale stuff... It's so hard to find really quality stuff for this size, almost everything is 1/12 scale!!

    2. Hi Heater! Thank you so much for the kind comments. :)

      I have listed the pillows in my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/152544403/set-of-3-mini-throw-pillows-playscale-16
      but if you order from me directly I can give a little discount.

      As for the tags, I just make them myself. Hit me up sometime at lene.dragon@gmail.com and I'll tell you how I make them. I'm such a dunce with blogging I don't know how to find your contact infos here. Lol.

  5. Una preciosidad de almohadas, me encantan.
    Un abrazo.

  6. Absolutely adorable...tag and all! lol

  7. I just love your pillows! So great looking and with the little labels, I just love details like that, makes it more real and gives it that little bit extra! My compliments and I really hope they sell well, although I cannot believe that would be a problem, they are just too fantastic or fantabulous as you call it :D

  8. Lovely pillows with beautiful designs!! Yes..that little label is special! Now..why on earth had i not signed in as follower here...????? Must be getting older..:) So happy i am here now! Thank you for the wonderful little magazines and tiny books i recieved today! Love them! Many greetings from Greece, Anne

  9. Hi!
    Happy found your Blog!
    Your pillow are fantastic with those beautiful desings and little labels! Congrats!

  10. Love love love the new pillows. They are fantabulous! The tags are so cute. One of these you're going to persuade me join the 1:6 world. Darn you. LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!