Momoko on the Barcelona Day Bed

I made this Barcelona day bed few weeks ago and listed it in My Dragondee Etsy Shop. Fortunately, no one has bought it yet ;P, so my new Momoko doll had a chance to try out the day bed for herself. I spent so much time making it that I'm kinda having second thoughts letting go, at the moment anyway. I wonder if Momoko will beg me to keep it. Lol. O_o


  1. just marvelous, unbelievable. I love these fotos. Allthoug I don't wanted to have dolls I often thougt that these momoko-dolls are very special and I hope I can resist...
    congrats to them. I hope to see more such nice fotos of them.

  2. Thanks oese!! Haha, yeah I think you should resist while you can. I got three first momokos and I'm wanting more!

  3. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Daybeds from Spacify.com