A Test Post and How This All Started (Personal Story)

I moved to California from the Philippines just four months ago to marry my seven-year LDR boyfriend. So now, I’m a newbie housewife stuck at home with no driver’s license and a cat lady for a neighbor. This isn’t really how I envisioned my life at age 26, at 40 maybe. I know I'm just in limbo right now due to some legal paper works to process, but having worked in the design world for the past years, my hands actually need to constantly do something creative or it tells my brain to get bored and depressed. So with a little help from a friend who went through the same thing, culture shock symptom as she calls it, I realized I could actually use this opportunity to do personal projects I have always wanted to do. One of which is creating mini furniture to go with my Re-ment collection. As most re-ment addicts would know, re-ment doesn’t really create a whole lot of furniture. In addition most modern miniatures made and sold online are either pink or made in 1:12 scale. This is how I decided to make my own.

Here are some pics of my first creations...

*After finishing the furniture I ended up creating some handmade furnishing to go along with them, but that's another story.

They eventually got sold in ETSY. I needed the funds. Lolz. But I will soon post more pics of other creations that followed.

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  1. I'm impressed by the quality of your work, it looks like the real thing! It's true that there is a lack of modern nice looking 1/6 furniture. I wish you lots of success! :)