My dream Design Studio

I made a pact with a former colleague and close friend a year or two ago. We were both migrating to other countries and so we made a promise to come back to the mother land in 10 years and establish our own design agency. We both love working in a laid back-homey type environment and I always try to imagine what our dream office would be like. A few days ago I felt like taking a break from "miniaturing" and just play with my Re-ment collection for awhile. I had a couple of saddle foot desks made to sell in Etsy at that time and I just got excited with visualizing my dream design studio in 3D miniature!

Here are some shots...

Ofcourse I would prefer a really spacious office with a great working area and a place for prototyping machines and printers for the real thing! For the mean time, I am happy just to dream about it in miniature. ^_^


  1. so what should I write? you know allready, that I am your fan. my skills in writing in english are not good, but I don't care, when everybody can understand what I want to say, and I'm sure they are.
    so congrats to your nice blog, there will be many more followers after me.

  2. Hi Oese!!! Glad to see a friend here, and Thank you for being my first follower!! You're awesome. And lolz, I'm your fan too!:)

  3. Wow, this really looks like a dream place to work in!

    (you just added me on Flickr, I came here from there)