The Little Penthouse

This is the set for trade that I mentioned on my past post. I promised a friend awhile ago that I'll trade with her but it has been put on hold as I haven't been making miniatures regularly. So finally, I just decided to trade this 3rd set that I finished.

As you probably have noticed, I am a fan of white furniture. Even my work station at home is all white. There's just something about it that makes your mind feel fresh and serene. I believe white also makes clutter look minimal and I love small knick-knacks in real life and in miniature. :)

See more pictures in My Flickr

This might be the last set I make for now and will resume again by mid October. So I'll probably post again around that time. Cya then! ^^ 


  1. I heart this room.. wish I had it in 1:1 scale!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog via Flickr. Your work is absolutely amazing! Is the furniture in 1/6th scale?

  3. Thank You Ann!! I wish so too. ^^

    Di2Quilt, Thank you! I'm glad you found the blog. ^^ Yup everything I do so far is 1:6scale. :)

  4. Love all your things. I just added your blog to the blogs I follow list. Check me out at reallifeminis.blogspot.com.
    The penthouse is very tranquil yet chic.

  5. Thank you reallifeminis!! It's nice to meet other miniaturists working in sixth scale. ^_^ Please keep in touch.