The Quirky Room

I saw the 'Patch Sofa' by Creative Affairs and completely fell in love with it. I knew it was going to be tedious work to make it in miniature, but I just had to make one. It was modern but kinda "Etsy-ish". Which is the style I'm fascinated with at the moment. I ended up making 2 sections on the sofa instead of 3. Later on I'll probably make a 3 section for my own personal collection.

Here is a picture of the original Patch Work Sofa (not my picture)

However, making the look of the room was not easy. The different patterns on the sofa was quite a challenge to pair with walls and other accessories and make it look eye pleasing for the pictorial. No matter what I did, it felt like there was something missing. Luckily, I remembered Yoshitomo Nara's artworks and thought it would be perfect to complete the look! ^_^

more pictures in my Flickr


  1. I so love everything you do :)
    All those details make the room look so real! It's just perfect!
    I did not forget about the swap I asked you, but I just hadn't much time to think more about it.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Yup, one of these days we'll finally get to do our trading. ^_^

  3. The room turned out great, just like everything you do.