How to Make a Miniature Notebook

I just thought of finally posting this tutorial online. I originally created it on power point as a short craft workshop/presentation for the Re-ment Fan Club Meeting last March. I made small craft kits for everyone, so they can make their own mini notebooks as I walk them through the tutorial during my presentation.

Here is my staff creating the kits. ^_^

I turned the presentation into a movie clip, but sorry it doesn't have words. I thought it would at least give an idea on how this little notebook is made. I guess I should call it a demonstration rather than a tutorial huh? Is there really a difference?

Here is a picture of the materials. You can make it any size you wish. The DISTANCE GUIDE is any material that's around 2mm thick. I included it just so people would have an idea on how far away the card stocks should be from each other. You can just eyeball the distance if you like.

For the card stock I actually used a bristol board, but you can always recycle cereal boxes or other 0.5-1mm thick cardboard you can find.

I use wood glue most of the time as it dries a little faster than ordinary glue. Since it dries faster, the less the paper absorbs it, the less wrinkle it creates.

I chose to use Washi paper since you can never go wrong with washi, but you can use any pretty paper you want. Just try to use less glue if you're using ordinary paper as the glue will wrinkle the paper (which is rarely a problem with washi paper).


And for the last step....use them in your dioramas!

Enjoy! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.

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  1. Your wonderful work, beautiful, perfect. Where can I buy it?

  2. Hi Eliana, Thank you! ^^ Currently I don't have anything for sale. I just posted this tutorial so people can make this too.^^ I usually sell my stuff at my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/DragonDee?ref=pr_shop , but it's empty right now. I'm going to make miniatures again by mid Oct. :)

  3. Wonderful notebook! Thank you for sharing! I really like the way you do your corners :-)

  4. Love your new tut! Your work is impeccable.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tutorial :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  6. Hey you! Thank you for this tut, I really loved what you'd made so I finally tried it today! My first attempt is okay..but I'll definitely try and make a beter one. My measurements were a litle off cause it was hard for me to figure out what size each piece was supposed to be. I was longing for your little kit! Regardless I really really adore your work and sense of style. You've inspired me so much! I'm now absolutely dying for a BJD and a miniio dollhouse so I can fill it up with your mini's! Before I go I just wanted to let you know that it would make my day to have you as a follower to my blog. Also I'm wanting so badly to make a small trade with another artist; it would be my first. If ever I could persuade you, I promise you wouldn't be disapointed! Go have a peek at my work..Let me know what you think! Minihugs oo

  7. As you have heard many, many times before you make beautiful items. I really have fallen in love with them. I found your art because I am unsatisfied with the doll furniture that is available in the store for my daughter to play with and as I am creative, I decided to try to make some things for myself and I was astounded as well as ecstatic by what I discovered. I am wondering if you might tell me what you use for the curved wood for your stools? Do you heat the wood and bend it yourself or have you found an easier alternative? I would appreciate any advice you may have to offer as I begin this journey for and with my daughter. Sincerely, E.