My Handmade Le Corbusier Couch

Finally finished.^^

80% finished
100% finished

1:6 scale


Current Project

Been working on a 1:6 scale of this lately... I'm pretty sure you have an idea what it is ^_~.


will post finished product soon...


First Kitchen Creation

I have been avoiding creating a mini kitchen for awhile now, thinking it would be hard to make one and that getting that elusive My First Kenmore Kitchen playset by Sears in Ebay would be nicer than what I would be able to make. Well I haven't had luck winning that kitchen even with the help of my skilled Ebay-sniper-husband who really rarely looses a bid. Lol. (Some people are just willing to pay way more for it.) I was still expecting to get my hands on one in the future, but just recently a friend requested for a custom kitchen for her own collection and I just couldn't say no. Turns out it wasn't really harder than the other pieces I have worked on. In the end, it may not seem as great as the Sears Kenmore kitchen, but I do believe it has a charm of its own. ^_^

Here are some pics...