Another Craft Tutorial for the Re-ment Meeting!

The Re-ment meeting was a blast yesterday at Robin Gee's house in LA. There were again tons of prices and giveaways and non-stop fun and laughter the whole day. Robin has outdone herself again! Also during the meeting, my good friend Caroline Swing made an excellent demonstration on how to repaint Re-ments and I had another miniature craft presentation. :)

The theme for the event was 'Kawaii' - the Japanese for 'Cute'. ^^ I realized from the last meeting that not all participants are crafters, so I opted for a no glue and no scissor cutting kind of craft. Which led me to making an origami project with a twist.

I decided to make use of Lucky Stars. Lucky stars are folded strips of paper shaped into a star that you can put in jars and make a wish when you've made 100 or 1000 pcs. It is said to bring you goodluck. Although some people think the 'quality' of your wish varies from the quantity you make. ;P

Anyhow, back to our tutorial, I turned the lucky stars into a kawaii mini decor. I guess it's something you don't really see in real life, but it is kawaii nonetheless. ^^ It kinda reminds me of those bouquet or balloon gift arrangements. Here is a sample picture of the craft I had the Re-ment addicts make yesterday.

For the First Step of course, you need to prepare your materials. I created kits again for the presentation and the picture below shows what's inside a kit. It is composed of fairly simple materials that you can find anywhere.

A. The paper strips are pre-cut and can be bought in Japanese stationary stores or online. You can buy them for like 99cents for a 100pcs or something, or you can just make your own by cutting scrapbook paper, gift wrappers, etc.

B. The candy looking thing is actually just a piece of clay that I wrapped so it wouldn't damage the paper strips incase it bleeds oil in the kit.

C. The small plastic cup is actually tattoo ink cups that I just got from Ebay for really cheap. I found the #16 size to be the perfect size for this project. You can also use other miniature containers you can find or even bottle caps.

D. The small sticks are just toothpicks. The blue string is a plastic ribbon.

Here is the video of the tutorial.

Here are pics of this craft project used in dioramas. You can see it at the end of the video, but I thought I should post the actual pics too. ^_^


*By the end of the event. I was convinced that the Lucky Stars do work! I won 2 raffle prizes at the meeting! ^_^