The Kitchen Prototype

To complete my so-called "Bachelor's Pad" creation in my previous post, I made a new modern kitchen unit! Yey! :) Well, actually, I made the kitchen first. hehehe. It took about 3 weeks to complete which includes a few days of going around and hunting for materials to use. I'm keeping this kitchen for myself as a prototype though. I still need to figure out how to make it cost effective for my buyers. The labor and material costs would just be way too high to put out in the market.

The Bachelor's Pad!

Ok ok, so this isn't totally a living space for a guy. :P I created the black modern couch in hopes that I can make a masculine living room, but my feminine touch just keeps coming out. Lol. Doing this set also confirmed that my personal style tends to integrate modern furniture with organic furnishings. I just love that homey-earthy-feel incorporated with modern styles as opposed to minimalist modern. :)