Dining Set 2

Just completed a new dining set that consists of a square dining table, 2 Eero Saarinen Tulip chairs that are reupholstered in gray fabric and a butchers block (or shelf) with a couple of basket weave boxes and other accessories.

It is now listed in My Etsy Shop !

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. :D

More pictures on my Flickr page


Desk Set Completed!

I listed the Desk Set last night before going to bed and Chris a Flickr friend purchased it this morning! Lol. I will make another set for those who also wants a desk for their dolls. So please keep checking my My Etsy Shop! Chances are if I post a Set in Flickr I'd be listing it in Etsy soon. ;)

Here are some pics of the desk set.

The computer monitor is patterned from the Apple Cinema Display Monitor and is my first prototype. I didn't make a keyboard but I did include some cube speakers that is now one of my fav pieces. :)

I also made another set of Reading Area with cube shelves. But it also has been sold just a few mins ago. The first Reading Area set from my other post is still available in the shop. ^_^ Get it now while you can! I don't really have anymore plastic chairs to upholster, so I dunno if I can make more of those.

Here are some pics of the 2nd Set...

I think I'm getting obsessed with Murakami Art! :D


Reading Area

A few collectors have been asking me to make a desk for their dolls. I still have one in stock and I decided to turn it into a desk set to list in my Etsy Store. I wanted to include a book or two in the set but I ended up mass producing a few. Lol. It was just so addicting seeing all the mini books all stacked up. I couldn't resist not to take pics of them on a book shelf.

The Desk Set is nearly complete. I'll be posting pictures and listing it in Etsy by the end of this week! (Along with some new mini photo boxes and furnishings.) ^_^ Can't wait for you guys to see it!

*The knockoff looking Arne Jacobsen Egg chair is actually just one of those china made plastic cellphone holders that I upholstered with red fabric. :)


Dragondee Etsy Store Reopened!

Finally got to list a few items in My Etsy Store! I'm planning to list some more in the days to come. Please come and check it out. :)

Here are the pics of the ones that are listed at the moment.

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