My IKEA Hack!

I haven't been making any mini furniture lately and I feel bad whenever people asks if I have any available. I would tell them I'll make some next month or the next, but something always comes up, either a personal or a work project. Not to mention I still have carpal tunnel that gets worse when I make miniature furniture, so as much as I like making miniatures I always dread having to start making them again. I thought since I haven't been making any minis for awhile now, why not find easy DIY ideas so other collectors could make it for themselves?

I have always been a fan of the site IKEA Hackers, so whenever I go to IKEA (or even other stores) I'm always on the look out for materials I could repurpose into something else. 

Last week a friend and I went to IKEA to look for materials we could use to make a dollhouse (you read that right ^^). Unfortunately, we didn't find anything that suits the dollhouse design we have in mind. :( We did however found these Blanda Matt bowls that had a really round bottom. Usually bowls are flat underneath to make it more stable, but these Blanda bowls were really round with just a small flat part. I thought this would be perfect for an egg chair! I got one 8" Blanda bowl and one 5". 

Here is my finished product. ^_^

Doesn't it look very mid century? ^_^

The base for the chair is the base for the IKEA Tolsby picture frame. Then I sewed a 7"diameter round cushion and tufted it by sewing mini buttons on it. The legs for the table are ends of round wooden chopsticks.

You can spray paint them too, but I didn't do that coz I like the bamboo finish on the bowls.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Enjoy! If you make one I would love it if you can share it on My Facebook Like Page! Thanks! :D



  1. Hola, se ve la linea de tu profesion en tus dioramas, me gustan mucho, el sillon ovalado mucho, mucho. Hasta pronto.
    Blog Una barbie en casa.

  2. So Cool! Thanks fot the idea.
    I'll put link into your blog if I manage to find those and make them. I am not in Facebook.

  3. Beautiful! May I ask how you made the table top? How did you get it to sit in there?!

    1. I just cut a foam board that's 10.5 cm in diameter for the top. :)

  4. Me encanta es una original idea.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Well dang, that's just awesome... and another good reason to return to Ikea.

  6. That looks so very cool! I love the natural wood too!

  7. Very clever and it looks fantastic. I'm glad you left the natural finish. I hope you hand will improve soon so that you can get back to doing what you love.

  8. GORGEOUS!! Great idea..just fantastic! What a beautiful set..I adore ALL your work. I am so very sorry to hear that you have carpal tunnel..you have too much talent to not make mini's..please get surgery (it helped my Grandma's husband 100%) so you can come back to mini's more often!! Oh and I LOVE your raspberry haired Mimoko..I am still saving for one..if you ever want to sell and old one for a good price PLEASE tell me..I am dying for one so I can finally buy some (amazing) "Clear-Lan" outfits, they are too die for! Mini hugs and BIG BIG love sweetie!x

  9. You are so creative and clever! I'd never heard of Ikea Hackers before.

  10. I love your work and am sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel. I finally made the trek out to the Ikea closest to me and made a version of this for myself. Thanks so much!

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  20. The various home accessories from IKEA are really beautiful and can be applied well in any home décor.


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