My Ebay Charity Auction!

I'm sure you guys have heard of the super typhoon Haiyan that devastated the central Philippines just last week. As a Filipino myself it was really heartbreaking to watch the news with thousands dead and hundreds of thousands more starving and here I am comfortably just sitting in my California home.

So for the past week, I have been working my ass off to create a special furniture set in order to raise more funds to donate. There's only so much my husband and I could monetary spare and I'm not the type to solicit money for free. So I thought why not just put my favorite skills to good use.

Since I made my Chiavari chair prototype last year, a lot of collectors have been asking me to make some to sell. I always say I'll make more one day, but the truth is I've been dreading  to make more. This is because this chair is one of the hardest and most complicated miniature I've made so far. Naturally, I thought it would be the perfect piece to do for a charity drive. At first I was just planning to make 1 chair, but I ended up making a full set. I really poured all my heart into making this set. If I ever make more in the future, there's a big chance it might just stay in my personal collection. 

Before I show the pics, click here to get to the EBAY CHARITY AUCTION.

The auction will run for 7 days. Starting from Nov 19, 2013 and will end on Nov 26, 2013 at 19:30 PST. If you love miniatures or dioramas for your dolls, take this opportunity to own this set and get to help those in need. You will not only make yourself happy, but a lot of people as well!

The set includes the ff:

2 Chiavari looking chairs (measurements are approx. 6.5" backrest height, 3.25" seat/cushion height, 2.35" seat width) 
1 Table (approx. 5" x 5" x 5")
1 Faux floral arrangement
2 Round fake candles
3 Plastic round vases in different heights + plastic pebbles you see in the pics (tallest vase has a mini battery operated LED)
1 Table runner
1 White frame

*Wall, floor, white frames on the wall, wood logs, dolls and other accessories not stated on the list above is not included in the set.

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  1. Hi! That diorama prettier. This stay I loved. The upholstered chairs are so cute. A kiss from Spain

  2. Absolutely beautiful work! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you earn a ton of money for charity! It's a wonderful thing to do!! :)

  3. Hola, gran trabajo, se ve muy lindo, seguro pronto se venderá en una gran cantidad. Saludos desde México.

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  5. I have been absent for a while due to the arrival of Grandchildren, You Chiavari chairs are exquisite and I see the auction netting you a hefty amount. How thoughtful you are. Carol

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